PHYSICS the new Non-Tribal Cosmos – kids can understand

This is all you need to understand to apply ‘physics’ (outside of the HUMAN CONDITION) to succeed in the new DIGITAL AGE


The FORM matter takes depends upon the conditions in which the FORM exists in empty space”

H Stanley Judd

milky way

Hi Kids,

You are about to take a space voyage to the black hole at the center of our galaxy (the milky way) and after your return to planet earth learn how your Universe works

Please start by visiting an empty black hole at the center of our Galaxy

The Milky Way (our galaxy) is our home, a spiral galaxy with our sun and solar system and 400 billion stars. 



You have commanded your virtual space probe through our universe, (traveled 26,000 light-years into Dark Space and come back home) visited our moon, the planet Saturn, our sun, our galaxy, the Milky Way, and flown through the empty back hole at the center of our galaxy


What you have seen is our COSMOS:

“What is the difference between cosmos and universe?

“Cosmos” defines how everything works in empty space.

“Universe” is a human theory that suggests there are general forces (gravity, time) that bind FORM in space that is not empty.

matter existing in empty space


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Now, before you move on, take another mission to this video that explains how your COSMOS works. (IMPORTANT This is just one definition of how your COSMOS works. There are other theories (established science?) So just pick the theory that works best for you:

Let’s keep it simple (keeping things simple is a wonderful head start to understand how things work in your life.

“The form matter takes depends upon the conditions in which matter exists in empty space” H Stanley Judd

Once you understand this, you will know that you are a FORM and have the power to manage your life so you can flourish and make your dreams come true.

All change only takes place in the moment, the present. You can’t change anything ten minutes ago (in the past) and you have no control what may happen in the next 10 minutes (the future)

So you only have three options to change something in your life you want to change


1 If you want to change something, you can change (something that you have control over) (You can raise your hand. You can decide not to text your friend but instead go for a walk with your dog) you can change something and move somewhere else

2 If you don’t have the power to change something (the heat from the sun, the tides in the ocean, a car speeding at you while you are crossing the street) you can avoid it by moving someplace else (moving out ofthe way of the speeding car, moving out of the sunlight into shade)(going for a walk with your dog

3 If you have no power to change something (the path of our moon around our earth) (the ocean tides) don’t worry about it, get on with your life, relax & have fun



1. The FORM Matter/energy takes depends upon the conditions in which matter/energy exists in empty space” (you will learn how and why this works in your TUTORIAL)

You don’t need to go to outer space to understand how things work because everything you need is right here.

If you built things with blocks, you moved the blocks to build different things. The building blocks of the Universe we call (photons) that carry the LIGHT (electromagnetic energy) throughout our Universe just like the gas we use to fill up a tank of gas in a car.

So whatever you look at (a tree, a moon, falling snowflakes) you now know that it was created in our Universe just like you built forms (a castle, a tower, a boat) with your blocks.

In the Universe forms change (ice melts, a cheeseburger gets eaten, the sun rises). When one FORM is changed (the wood in your campfire burns up): energy (in the form of photons, move someplace else through empty space) to create a new FORM

That’s it 🙂.

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“As we face nuclear proliferation (new bombs, new tribal warfare) one has to wonder how the practice of Tribal Physics in the HUMAN CONDITION can have gone so wrong”

H Stanley Judd