zenidea, a new philosophy for the new DIGITAL AGE

Welcome to Zedidia, a new Philosophy for the new DIGITl AGE
In which we share inspirational quotes that navigated our VOYAGE successfully through the tribal 20th Century

“Humans who live each day through their tribal past, often stumble into their future”      H Stanley Judd



For example, endless tribal wars (Colonialism) between one tribe an another. As I write this in , , , The Ukraine

“I am a survivor of nuclear warfare, up close & personal. who came within seconds of death three times during my watch in the undeclared Vietnam WAR. If we continue to use our tribal thinking in the new DIGITSL AGE, we risk destroying life on the planet as we know it. ”    H Stanley Judd

Please watch a video we produced years ago when there was still hope that in the new DIGITAL AGE we can craft a new world order in which all children, no matter what the color of their skin, can flourish and make their dreams come true”  H Stanley Judd