Physics Why did HUMANS lose their understanding of the power of Pi?


using the power of the LIFE FIRCE

“The FORM Matter (MASS) takes depends upon the conditions in which a FORM exists in empty space” – H Stanley Judd

4pm January 4th, 2021


Where we will coach you how to think like Socrates to leave your Tribal Age Thinking (endless repetition, hopelessness & fear of death) behind (and craft) through your new PERSONAL DISCOVERY skills your plan to flourish & make your dreams come true.

Einstein in whose presence I have been twice got it wrong

 “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it”

Albert Einstein



Because He left out ’empty space’

Though all FORMS are energy and energy is always contained in one or more photons (the smallest package of energy) the prime mover in the Cosmos is empty space (where temperature rules)(in orderly chaos).

When you are aware of this you can use the Power of Three

(Through which all energy flows) (a vortex through photons are channeled (look at the pyramid on the United States dollar)


an original digital painting

by H Stanley Judd

to be continued